Anyone that has used StorSimple, knows it’s a cracking Hybrid Cloud Storage device, with a clever tiered Volume algorithm, which as storage needs grow, StorSimple tiers cold data into cost-effective cloud storage. The data is de-duplicated and compressed before sending to the cloud to further reduce storage requirements and expense.

SS have had a Virtual Array for a while, but now it’s available for all customers (not just EA)

So whether you have EA, MSDN, PAYG it doesn’t matter, you can now deploy the VA with the flexible pay-as-you-go subscription. MSDN subscribers can now run POCs or development and testing workloads. In all these cases, you can configure StorSimple Virtual Array as a file server (NAS) or as an iSCSI server (SAN) in the sexy new Portal (*waves fist at classic portal*)


But……be warned, although this is such a cool feature, you’ll need a pretty beefy Hypervisor to support the Virtual Array