Configure Cloud Protection


In the “Classic Portal” head over to the ASR tab, then “protected items”, “VMM Clouds” then “YOUR” ASR


Once the clouds appear, select the cloud you wish to protect, click on Configure Protection Settings, select Azure as the target, configure any other cloud settings then click SAVE on the bottom menu bar.
Setting that you may wish to adjust include:
o Copy Frequency: 30 Seconds | 5 Minutes | 15 Minutes
o Retain Recovery Points For (Hours): 0 – 24
o Frequency of application consistent snapshots: Never – 12 Hours



Once the configuration setting have saved, the cloud is protected and this is shown in the Azure Portal.


Managing virtual machine protection To protect virtual machines, they must reside in one of the protected clouds. Click on the protected cloud to open it, then either click on Enable Protection if you are adding the first virtual machine for protection or click on the + Add virtual Machine button on the bottom menu


Selecting your VM Select the VM you wish to protect, pick the correct Subscription & dedicated Storage Account

Two ways to enable ASR Protection on a VM There are multiple ways to enable protection on a virtual machine, another way is by setting it on a virtual machine within VMM. Browse in VMM to the virtual machine you wish to protect, select the virtual machine and then click the Manage Protection button on the top ribbon. As with most things Microsoft there are various ways to achieve the same thing and in VMM is no exception, with various locations available to enable protection


Changing the hardware sizing of virtual machines Once the the virtual machine has replicated to ASR, it’s possible to change some of the hardware details of the Azure clone. It maybe that in a DR scenario, as long as the resource is able to continue to run in the cloud, performance is not so much of a problem as that of the cost to do so. Azure offers the ability to select the size of Azure machine you wish it to run on, depending on processor and RAM requirements


If you want to change the scale of your instance VM, this can be done clicking the “Configure” tab, and then selecting a similar size