Windows 10 In-Place Automated Upgrade

After stumbling across Josh Heffners blog about automating Windows 10 – I was amazed at how easy this was to configure and deploy.

Our current SCCM Environment isn’t updated to the latest version to be able to import the Windows 10 TS package in with the Powershell Scripts etc 😦 ….so for now this is my work around (until I get cleared to Update SCCM to R2 SP1 (Build 8239))

Moving on…

I slightly changed the way Josh has compiled his script in his blog (Josh Heffner Blog)

I first copied all the Windows 10 Enterprise files onto my SCCM Sources$ Share

I then shared this folder with Modify, Read & Execute permissions for “Domain Users”

I created the .cmd file and pointed it to my recently created share with the Windows 10 files in it

start /wait \\My-Network-Server\Windows 10\setup.exe /auto upgrade /migratedrivers all /dynamicupdate enable /showoobe none /pkey XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

Once this has been created, I deployed this .cmd to a few Users Desktops

When they ran the .cmd it popped up as below



This then went through the process of upgrading windows

upgrading windows10

After it had finished, it completed the whole Setup Process 😀

Flawless – with no need for USMT or any additional packages.


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