Exchange 2010 Database Failed

Our current exchange server wasn’t replicating the Databases (which obviously isn’t great)

All the statuses were ‘Failed’

To start I did a generic “Server Reboot” which obviously didn’t fix the issue (shame)

I then ran the following Powershell Script (in EMS) to ‘Suspend’ the replication Copy

 Suspend-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity "DB1\MyExchangeServer"  

This displayed the following:


Once Copy Status is displayed I then ran a second script

Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity "DB1\WSH-EXMB-V-01" -DeleteExistingFiles 

Refresh your EMC to see the Progress which hopefully should say “Seeding”


Depending on the size of your Databases this may take a while, you can check the status of the Seeding by running a script I found on the web

If you have multiple DB’s (like I have) and you don’t want to keep manually setting off the Scripts to run, you can automate the script to run (which is pretty neat if you want to improve efficiency and less time spent remoting into servers etc)

Best practise would be to Suspend all DB’s and then set them off automatically

First create the above Script and save it into a .ps1

Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity "DB1\WSH-EXMB-V-01" -DeleteExistingFiles 

Open Task Scheduler & click ‘Create Basic Task’


Copy the full below (changing your script at the end) into the Program/Script

C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -version 2.0 -command “. ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\bin\RemoteExchange.ps1’; Connect-ExchangeServer -auto; C:\Scripts\ReplicationDB.ps1”


It will pop up with


Click ‘Yes’

Open the properties at the end

Click “Run with highest privileges”


If your setting this for multiple DB’s I would suggest to leave plenty of time, so they don’t crossover, as it would massively impact your Exchange Server and may even ground it to a hault

Once the script sets off you’ll see the ‘Seeding’ status in the EMC

 After all that, you should see the below:



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