Uninstall Visio Standard 2010 Application

Being in charge of Licensing as well as Administering SCCM, I ran a quick report which indicated we were over on Licenses for Visio, so below is how i made my Visio Uninstall for x64 Application

Firstly Create a new ‘Application’


Fill in all the relevant information


On ‘Deployment Types’ click ‘Add’ and select ‘Script Installer’



The install command is:

 setup.exe /uninstall Visio /config Visio.WW\uninstall.xml

Make sure you’ve already created an ‘uninstall.xml’ and placed it in the Visio.WW folder (i’ve copied mine below)

The Detection rule should be ‘File System’ and the path will be on your SCCM Server/Share


That’s it, deploy to your desired collection, with all the correct priorities (install whether user logged in or out, install silently, no reboot, suppress notifications)


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